Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We should eat out less.

And I should cook more.  Instead of going out to lunch.  Or dinner.  Or both - on the same day.

But that requires some preparation.  And groceries.

My goal is to post 300 recipes that I will actually cook and my family will actually eat.  And they should all be easy and/or fast.

So, 300 recipes...  Let's assume I'll make meals AND post the recipes 3 times a week (Yes, the rest of the time we'll dig through the refrigerator and pantry and hope for the best.  Or eat frozen pizzas.  Or I'll forget to take pictures for the blog.)  That's 100 weeks.  Or 25 months.  Or just over two years.  Eek!

Wish me luck.  And if I actually finish this thing?  I'll reward myself with a dinner out!
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